Paper Craft Crew 102

So where do I begin? Well, lets start with where I currently am, I’m in Austin, TX. I know you thought I was going to Salt Lake City, me too. Everything went rapidly downhill around 5:15 yesterday when I got the notification that my flightΒ from New York to Salt Lake City had been cancelled. I immediately called JetBlue to see what I could do about rescheduling. Andrew called from his phone and I tried other things on mine. We were on hold for and hour before I got to speak to anyone. When I finally got through I was told that all flights for Wednesday and Thursday were full and they could refund my money for my outbound flight. Umm… nope! I asked to speak to a supervisor and explained that it was very important that I got to Salt Lake City the latest Wednesday afternoon. She tried about 20 different scenarios of me leaving from various cities and connecting through all different ones. We finally settled on NY to Austin, 6 hour layover, Austin to Long Beach, CA, 6 hour layover and finally Long Beach, CA to Salt Lake City arriving at 4:30PM. Yes, it’s the longest trip ever to get from NY to Salt Lake City but I will get there. I have had about an hour of sleep, if you notice any errors in my post let me know! LOL!

It’s Wednesday so that means I’m over on the Paper Craft Crew blog for this week’s sketch…

PCCCS102 7-16-2014

My card begins with a base of Basic Black Card Stock and the background consists of two sections. The one on the right is a piece of Crushed Curry Card Stock that I stamped with the Alphabet from the Tap Tap Tap Stamp Set in Crushed Curry. On the left is a piece of Flashback Designer Series Paper. The rest of the stamped images are also from the Tap Tap Tap Stamp Set. The notebook paper is stamped in Pool Party, the note flag is stamped in Real Red and for the typewriter I stamped it in Memento Tuxedo Black along with the greeting and colored it in using the Smoky Slate Stampin’ Blendabilities Markers. I really like the vintage feel of the stamp set and I think it pairs quite nicely with the Flashback DSP. I hope you enjoyed my card for this week’s Paper Craft Crew sketch challenge. Please take a minute to go over to the blog to see what the rest of the Design Team has done and enter your card in the gallery so we can see your take on the sketch. I’ll hopefully have a much better rest of my day today, only a few more hours and I’ll be In Salt Lake City!! Thanks for coming along on this journey! LOL! Have great day and may all of your travels be direct and quick! πŸ™‚


Stampin’ Up! products used:

Stamp Set: Tap Tap Tap Clear Mount

Ink: Crushed Curry, Pool Party and Real Red Classic Stampin’ Ink and Memento Tuxedo Black

Stampin’ Blendabilities Markers: Smoky Slate

Card Stock: Basic Black, Crushed Curry and Very Vanilla

Designer Series Paper: Flashback

Tools: Stamp-a-ma-jig, Paper Snips, Stampin’ Dimensionals and SNAIL

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  1. Hello Justin and oh my!! What an eventful 12 or 13 hours you’ve had! I feel bad for you. Look at this way, you’re getting to see some new places. Now you can say you’ve been to Austin and Long Beach! πŸ™‚ Keep Smiling!! We always have troubles when we fly, guess that’s why we don’t do it that often! Ok…on to your gorgeous card!! Love this stamp set! And I have to say that the Flashback dsp is starting to grow on me! I’ll be thinking of you today! πŸ™‚

    1. Hello Karen!
      Yes, it has been an adventure for sure! No need to feel bad, I will get there! Yes, I have been to Austin and had What a Burger and Long Beach, CA is lovely, I’ll definitely have to come back here! You guys keep me smiling for sure! I’m glad you enjoyed the card! The Flashback DSP is really cool! Thanks!! πŸ™‚

  2. My longest trip ever was the Christmas after 9/11. I was trying to get home to SC from school in Chicago. I worked for campus security and I’d purposely worked the overnight shift so I wouldn’t oversleep and miss my flight. So, I’m at the airport early (on time) and go through security which naturally took forever (worse than it is now, of course, on top of Christmas rush). Then I got to the gate, and stood in line to board. And apparently, a sleepy-eyed college student looks like a terrorist because I got pulled out of line “randomly” for further search. Which involved opening and closing every single zipper of my Columbia jacket (did I mention this was Chicago?! HA) AND unwrapping all the Christmas presents I had in my carry-on!! πŸ™ SO, okay… that’s done, they determined I was good to go, I boarded the plane and immediately fell asleep, before we even pulled away from the gate! Well… I’m sleeping… sleeping… sleeping… a couple of hours, actually, about enough time for the flight. Well, finally, the lady next to me pokes and says we’re deplaning, so I was like, “we’re there already?” and she said, “NO! We’re still in Chicago!” So, we’d been sitting there for almost 2 hours. Then we got off the plane, they cancelled that flight, so we all had to SIT in line (was slow moving, so we all sat in the floor) to get on another flight. Well, we got on THAT flight only to have it cancelled/uncancelled a bajillion times. AND the original flight re-opened in all that mess. Well, I just stayed on my new flight and FINALLY got home about midnight that night– I was supposed to have arrived at noon. Meanwhile, my mother is in Charlotte Airport crazy with worry because she’s not getting any information! Turned out, an x-ray scanner had been unplugged for about an hour at Charlotte, so they’d had to pull ALL those people who’d gone through security and re-scan them! LOOONG day!

    Sorry to comment so long!! At least you’ll have something to read while you’re in Palm Beach HAHA But just think– you’ll be at Convention soon! I’m jealous. I’d gotten free registration, but flights were crazy expensive for whatever reason (like $700+) and I just couldn’t make it work πŸ™ Was SO bummed!!

    1. Ok Heather, you definitely beat me! I don’t think that I could have endured that! This definitely was not the best way to get to Convention but you have to do what you have to do! I did enjoy your story! Thank you for sharing your lovely experience! Made me feel a bit better! LOL! That’s exactly where I read it! Yes, flights are very expensive unless you book far enough ahead! I’m sorry that you won’t be here but I’ll keep you up to date! πŸ™‚

  3. How terrible! At least you will make it though! You are in my city though so welcome to Austin πŸ™‚ Get some BBQ and Amy’s ice cream in the airport πŸ™‚

    1. It’s not too bad, I would definitely not choose to come to Convention this way Christina! Austin was fun, I left the airport for a bit! I wanted Amy’s but they were closed, too early! πŸ™‚

  4. Oh boy, Justin! Taking the long way around!! And checking out other airport food! Sorry to hear of your rescheduling, but know all this will be a distant memory once you get to SLC. Didn’t know New Yorkers could use our Maine saying, ” You can’t get there from here!”

  5. Oh my gosh Justin, what a nightmare! I wonder how many other demonstrators won’t make it to Salt Lake City with all the weather air cancellations yesterday! I think SU should give out special “bravery” awards to all the demos that had these kinds of problems getting there. I hope the airline is going to reimburse you for your missed night at the hotel also! I know that no one controls the weather and I’m glad they do take the precautions and cancel flights when it’s dangerous to fly but it’s pretty disruptive. However, think about this – it’s better to get there safely even if your late than not make it there at all because of a crash. When I used to fly all over the country on business and be late for meetings because of flight delays I continually told myself “better late than never” and that always made me think about how much worse things could have been.

    1. Yes, just a little bit Grace! I’m sure that there were others that had problems. LOL! Wouldn’t that be nice if we got a little extra something for the effort! I will not be reimbursed for the hotel. It was hard to get them to do this crazy route, they just wanted to refund me. I said nope! I need to get there! I understand why they did what they did but they need a better contingency plan! πŸ™‚

  6. Oh wow- another airline horror story- we all have at least one- many of us have several. Sorry for your troubles but I am glad to read that you are keeping a positive attitude about it.
    Thanks for sharing a very creative card today, I love this stamp set.
    Have a great time at the convention .

    1. Yes Marty, there are enough of them aren’t there?! A positive attitude is the best way to go, nothing I can do about it! Glad you enjoyed the card! I will have an excellent time once I get there! πŸ™‚

  7. Sorry to hear about your flight troubles! What a frustrating and stressful day! Here’s hoping that everything will be on time and that it will be an easy day for you. BTW, I love Austin — too bad its wasn’t a scheduled stop and you could get out and explore the city. Another time, maybe! I love the card! That typewriter gets cuter and cuter every time I see it.

    1. Thank you Amy! It has been a tiring day. It will done soon and all will be forgotten! I would definitely like to go back and actually see Austin! Glad you like the card! I love the set! πŸ™‚

  8. Oh no! Don’t tell me these things! I have to fly into JFK for a layover….hope Delta doesn’t pull any fast ones on me!
    This is a fun card….I particularly love it with that DP!
    See ya soon!

    1. LOL! Sorry LeAnne! I hope that you had much better luck than I did! Thanks! The card was fu and I too love the DSP! Hope all went well for you! See you soon! πŸ™‚

  9. Oh no, poor Justin. I do not envy you and I don’t think I could survive with no sleep for two days. Love your cute card, that typewriter is adorable!

    1. Yes, not the best travel day I have ever had Sandy! I have had little naps here and there, thankfully I can sleep anywhere! Glad you like the card, the stamp set is great! πŸ™‚

  10. OMG! So sorry about the longest flight ever all to get to Convention, Justin! Well, you wowed me with this card. I LOVE it! I never would have thought of stamping the typewriter on colored cardstock! Brilliant. Safe and hopefully less uneventful travels from here on out!

    1. Yes, it certainly is the longest flight ever! Three planes and four airports! I’m happy that you like the card! This will all be over shortly! πŸ™‚

  11. Oh so sorry! You got to go to places you never saw! Layovers are awful. I hope SU appreciates what you went through. Aren’t there bags of stamps and accessories waiting to compensate you for your troubles? There should be! It sounds like what we go through normally in Cincinnati now that Delta is no longer a hub here. No, you can’t there from here is our mantra too. Nevertheless, have an extra good time in SLC. Look at all the comments your troubles have generated! Have a quick and safe trip home! Love, Nancy B

    1. Thank you Nancy. I am looking at it as an adventure! That’s the best attitude to have right?! I don’t know if Stampin’ Up! will know of all of my troubles. I will have fun soon, just waiting for my last flight! XOXO

  12. Oh Justin!!! So sorry to hear it’s taking you so long to get to Utah! Hope everything goes smooth from now on. Your card is fabulous as always. I just received this stamp set in the mail. I ordered it because of a previous card you used it on. Love it! Enjoy the convention when you finally get there.

    1. Thanks Gerri! It feels like convention is in another country the number of flights that I have been on! I’m happy you enjoyed the card! It’s a great set and I think it goes really well with the Flashback DSP! I will have fun soon enough! πŸ™‚

  13. I’m so sorry to hear of your LONG trip here. It can be so stressful. Try to relax. It will make an unfortunate circumstance much more bearable. You can’t do anything about it anyway so you may as well try to enjoy. I know you’ll have a wonderful time when you get here. I’m not a demonstrator, but a big Stampin Up fan. Maybe someday I’ll take the plunge and be able to go to convention. Hope you enjoy finally meeting up with your friends and learning all sorts of new things.

    1. Thank you Lillian! I have made the most of it. It’s not often that I have to be somewhere and not have anything that I can do! I completely agree that the attitude makes the situation what it is! I will have fun! I think that you would have fun at convention! The best part is all of the amazing people that you meet! πŸ™‚

  14. Oh my goodness! Your card today is so appropriate with your story today. Thinking of you for sure! I’ll bet you have the most interesting journey to convention. Hopefully you can recharge once your reach Salt Lake City and enjoy enjoy enjoy!

  15. Oh Justin, what a nightmare!! Glad you found someone who took the time to work out a plan for you. It’s the long way there, but at least you’ll (hopefully) be there in time for Wednesday evening fun. Take time to get some sleep along the way so you can enjoy all the events!

    1. Yes Carol, just a little bit of a nightmare! The lady from jetBlue yesterday was great and was so excited that she made it work! I will be there by 4:00PM SLC time! Soon! πŸ™‚

  16. Well first let me say I absolutely love your card. I just ordered another pack of Flashback (it has cameras…..). The typewriter actually looks like the first one I worked on (don’t tell anybody!)

    And you know what I will say next right? Remember Leadership this past winter?? I never made it out of Buffalo!!!! We were at the hotel for 2 days, finally were able to get another flight and would have missed Day 1 but then, that flight got pushed to late evening and we would have arrived in Salt Lake after the closing meeting! So we had to drive back home, in the snowstorm and so so bummed.

    It will be the longest trip but in the end you will be there, meeting friends, having fun and such a great experience. I am so so sorry I could not go this year. I truly enjoyed last year (with the added bonus of meeting you and Brian on the bus – which you probably don’t remember LOL – but this year would have been to meet so many of the new “online friends” I feel I know.

    You’ll soon be there, a little bit late but there and in time. Enjoy, enjoy and I feel for you.

    1. Thank you Louise! LOL! Yes, Flashback has cameras! Love it! Ha! I think a lot of us remember that typewriter!
      I do remember Leadership and the fact that you were thwarted at all of you attempts to get there. It was no good!
      I am here in the hotel. It was the longest journey ever but well worth it. I do remember meeting you on the bus! I love seeing everyone, it makes my long trip all worth it! πŸ™‚

      1. So very happy to finally made it. Enjoy the evening, a good dinner, some wine and relaxation and meeting up with a whole bunch of wonderful people. Be there in thoughts. Looking forward to yours and Brian’s updates, and all the others. Cheers.

  17. Now Justin, I know you are soldiering thru with that wonderful, happy-go-lucky Justin attitude that we all love best about you. You are just getting extra opportunities to spread the Stampin’ Up message and making new friends. You were specially chosen for this. Go forth and make us proud.

    1. Yes Georgie! Being miserable I feel is very counter-productive. I have all of you to make me happy, that’s all I need! I did have fun believe it or not. I met a very nice young man on the plane and we talked the whole flight from NY to Austin. It made the diversion all worth it. Never underestimate your awesomeness my friend! πŸ™‚

  18. OMG! What a nightmare. when I read your comment on yesterdays post about a 15 hour flight I thought it was a typo. I’m so sorry….. That is horrific. I hate flying, luckily I fly our of O’Hare so not to many problems unless its weather related, or delays. Well you are dedicated to get to convention, since I hate flying I probably would have given up. I do one flight a day and it must be direct.

    Your card is awesome. i NEED LOL that stamp set

    1. Just a little bit Linda! I don’t mind flying but the waiting 5-6 hours in between flights was not fun at all! I am here and glad that it’s over! I’m glad that you like the card! It’s a great set! Love that typewriter! πŸ™‚

  19. Glad you made it safely to SLC, Justin! Wow! That was quite a trek from start to finish. I’m guessing with layovers, your trip must have been 17 to 18 hours. How long did it take?

    I know you’re going to have a blast. I’m looking forward to hearing about your Convention experience and seeing lotsa pix!!!

    That typewriter *is* cool! I’ll be thinking of you and all the fun you’re having. πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks El! Me too! Yes, it was a very long trip but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. With everything is was about 22 hours!
      I had some fun last night, we went to the Paper Pumpkin’s Night Out and I saw Pam and Brian from the home office, such great people! πŸ™‚

  20. Well it sounds like despite your extended journey that you managed to make it to SLC and have an extraordinarily good time. Good for you seeing the positive side to it all! This is a great card. I like how you were able to incorporate almost every stamp from this set in such a fun way! TFS.

    1. Yes Penny, I did have a wonderful time! I think the positive side of things is so much better! Thank you! I do have fun with my projects!! πŸ™‚

  21. Wow, what a trip! Now that’s dedication to a goal! I’ve enjoyed going through all your blog posts about convention – and enjoying your fab projects – and glad I finally had a day to do it. Thanks for sharing so much with us!

    1. LOL! Yes, it was definitely not a trip I will soon forget! I had to get to Convention no matter what! I’m glad that you enjoyed the trip with me and that you enjoyed the projects! Have a wonderful weekend! πŸ™‚

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