Cadbury World!

Happy Saturday! So yesterday I said that Tracey and Jules had a surprise for me, well we went to Cadbury World! I’m a huge chocolate fan but Cadbury’s is by far my favorite! As soon as you walked in you got three chocolate bars! Then you went on a tour of the factory and saw demonstrations on chocolate making and even got to have a sample of some chocolate with some Crunchie and Marshmallows! Then there was the world’s largest Cadbury’s Store! I was pretty good, only spent £34 (about $50)! LOL! I’m now stocked for chocolate for a while! This morning when Tracey and Jules came down they had a lovely card and presents for me! Two really nice t-shirts and more sweets! I have had a very nice birthday so far!

Here are a few pictures from Cadbury World!

Cadbury World Sign

Cadbury World

The front of the building, and look, there is Brian on his phone!

Me & Tracey Cadbury Tickets

Me and Tracey with our tickets!

Cadbury Old Packages

A display with old packaging.

Cadbury Old Ad

An old advertisement for Cadbury’s Cocoa!

Not sure what I’m up to for the rest of the day but I’m sure it will be fun! I hope that you enjoyed my little travel update! Thanks for checking in and have a lovely Saturday! 🙂

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  1. Hey Justin, Happy Birthday!!! Glad you’ve had a great day – how could you not – at the Cadbury factory!! Cadbury is MY favourite chocolate too, it’s the best by miles! 😀 Thanks for sharing your photos again!! xoxo

  2. Hi Justin! Had to pop in with a quick Happy Birthday to you! Been following your adventures—great pics! Thanks for sharing those. Happy Birthday!!!!! 😉 😉 😉

  3. Happy, Happy Birthday!! My mother loved Cadbury Fruit and Nut Bars and I love Cadbury too. Isn’t chocolate one of the food groups? Your pictures of the Cadbury place are great, my favorites of your trip so far. Can’t wait until you post one of your superb cards again…I just went to a class and put in a whopper of an order from the holiday catalog. Fun, fun, fun! Have the best day ever! Miss you! Nancy B

  4. Happy Birthday Justin. That must have been heaven indeed! So fun to follow your adventure through your pics. Awesome. Have a great day.

  5. Hi Guys, what a wonderful time you all seem to be having but did you manage to visit my home country of Scotland?? It is one of the most scenic places on earth although I am a little biased. I love going back for visits and still after living in Kent for over 50 years, it still remains the heart of me. I have just watched the Edinburgh Tattoo and as soon as the pipers start to play I am off in floods of tears and joy. Try and get there sometime, you will just love the West Coast (my part of Scotland). Enjoy the rest of you holiday and I will enjoy the photographs. Jessie x

  6. Oh Justin you lucky dog! Not only do you get to celebrate your birthday in Europe, you get to have plenty of chocolate! This must be the birthday of a lifetime and, by the way, I wish you good health and joy on your special day. You have brought so many smiles to my face with your travelogue. You are going to be such the world traveler by the time you get home! Keep the photos coming, we are all loving them! Love and Hugs from this side of the ocean! XO 🙂

  7. Happy Birthday, Justin and thank you so much for the travel updates and beautiful pictures. I will never do much traveling, but you make me feel like I am right there. Blessings

  8. Happy Belated Birthday, Justin! I’m sure you’ll remember this one. What a fanta-bulous way to celebrate across the pond!!!

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