World Traveler You

I’m a little late with my post today, I just can’t get going lately. It was also a busy day yesterday, I ran some errands in the morning to get out of the house. Heather does catering and I went with her on a deliver and then we came home and got ready to go to Daniel’s party. I stopped off to see my friend Renee on the way out east to pick up some stuff from her. The party was in Patchogue, it was fun and the kids had a good time. There was a bouncy house and lots of ballgame themed food. I took some pictures, of course I forgot to take pictures of the banners, but I did get some nice pictures of my peeps.

Daniel's Centerpiece Front

The front of the centerpiece.

Daniel's Centerpiece Back

The back.

Daniel & I

Me and the Birthday Boy.

Heather, Daniel & Andrew

Heather, Daniel and Andrew.

Daniel & Cake

Daniel with his really cool hat and cake!

A really fun party with lots of great people.

On a side note and completely unrelated, I love quotes. If you follow me on Instagram I post quotes all the time. Some that I write and some that I love. I found this one this morning and it reminded me of when I was a younger. If I was feeling down I would take a ride to the airport and go to the International Arrivals Terminal and sit there and watch the people meet as they got off the plane. The International Terminal is good for this because the people have been away for longer and it’s so nice to see them reunited with loved ones. This quote I found this morning reminded me of that…

Jonathan Safran Foer Quote

So, I think at some point today I’m going to go to the airport and just watch for a little while.

Now on to today’s card. I wanted to use my favorite greeting and the World Map Stamp so this is what I came up with. The card base is Whisper White Card Stock. I stamped the World Map Background Stamp on a piece of So Saffron in Memento Tuxedo Black. The Lawn Fawn Large and Small Stitched Rectangles are used to cut out the map, frame and Vellum. The greeting I mentioned is from the From My Heart Stamp Set and is heat embossed in Black Stampin’ Emboss Powder along with the ship image from the Traveler Stamp Set. My frame is a piece of Basic Black and is adhered to the Vellum with SNAIL and then everything is adhered to the base. Not a very complicated card and the Stitched Frames make all of the layers east to cut out. I also love Vellum over another image in the background, it always gives it a little depth while keeping the card easy to mail. I hope that you enjoyed my card and the pictures from Daniel’s 1st Birthday. I also hope that you enjoyed the quote, I’ll post more of them here as I come across them. Thanks for spending a little time with me today. Have a good Sunday! 🙂

World Traveler You-WM

Stampin’ Up! products used:

Stamp Sets: From My Heart, Traveler and World Map Background Clear Mount

Ink: Memento Tuxedo Black

Specialty Ink: Versa-Mark

Stampin’ Emboss Powder: Black

Card Stock: Whisper White, So Saffron and Basic Black

Specialty Card Stock: Vellum

Tools: Big Shot, Heat Tool, Stamp-a-ma-jig and SNAIL

NON-Stampin’ Up!: Lawn Fawn Large and Small Stitched Rectangles


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28 Replies to “World Traveler You”

  1. I always cry at airports, I just can’t help it. Thanks for sharing the beautiful quote. What a fun birthday for your nephew – you’re so lucky to have each other. Your card is beautiful. I love how you set up your card photo shoots. Take good care.

    1. Yes, Wendie, sometimes that good though. I love that quote! Daniel’s birthday was great fun and I’m very happy that he lives close enough to get to see him as much as I do. I’m glad that you like the card and the setting! I have fun with the photos! I hope that you had a nice weekend! 🙂

  2. Good Morning Justin:
    You do such wonderful creations with vellum. You always inspire me with your creations. I love the way this looks over the map- just awesome.
    Love the poetic quote this morning. I had the opportunity to meet my sister at the airport recently. Instead of waiting in the cell phone lot I decided to park and head into the terminal. I so enjoyed the family/friends reunions that took place. Watching the children greet a parent/grandparent, friends and lovers unite was wonderful! I can see why it would make you happy too. It felt so good to greet my sister and give her a great big hug as she entered the terminal.
    Have a wonderful getaway today and take care.

    1. Hello Marty,
      Thank you! I do love Vellum, I think it add so much to a project.
      I am really into quotes, I like to write my own and I keep a board on Pinterest filled with them. I always go into the airport when I pick someone up. Especially if I haven’t seen them in a while. It’s also definitely nice to see all of the other people happy to have their friends and family back. I hope that you enjoyed the weekend! 🙂

  3. I join with Karen and Wendie in saying Hooray on a great card! I love this sentiment as well! Daniel’s birthday party looked like a great time, I’m missing the after picture from post cake! Enjoy your Sunday; you know what tomorrow brings!

    1. Thank you Melanie! The sentiment is definitely one of my favorites! Daniel’s party was fun! I have to say that he wasn’t as messy as I would have thought after the cake! I hope that you had a nice Sunday, mine wasn’t too shabby! 🙂

  4. Hi Justin:

    Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful card. I would be thrilled to receive a card like this and I think everyone would. How nice to know that someone thinks of you that way. I need to get my vellum out of the file cabinet and actually use it. You so inspire me to do that and, since the world map stamp is my go to stamp, I am going to take it out and stick it on my work table as soon as I finish writing to you.

    Daniel’s party looks like it was fantastic. Heather is just gorgeous and the photo of you and Daniel is definitely a keeper. It looks like Daniel really loves his Uncle Justin to bits. You are so fortunate to be close enough to be able to watch him grow up. Where did they ever get that shirt he has on? So neat to have something like that to save for him when he grows up. If they get one every year it would make an unbelievably great quilt.

    I used to go to Bangor International Airport whenever I could to watch the troops return from Iraq and Afghanistan. There is a group of people there that great every single returning troop no matter what time the flight arrives. They wave flags, hug them and thank them for their service. Unfortunately I live an hour and a half from the airport so I cannot join them but the few times I have managed to be there I was thrilled to be a part of it.

    Two things to get your spirits up to normal…….1) every morning count all your blessings and 2) laugh every day even if it means digging around for something funny. Also you need to remember that we all love you and so look forward to your blog everyday. Enjoy live my friend! 🙂

    1. Hey Grace!
      Sometimes I wish that I didn’t share quite as much as I do on my blog but then it wouldn’t be me. I use Vellum a lot and I hope that you do get yours out of the drawer!!
      Daniel’s party was great fun and I needed to be around people. Heather said to thank you for you kindness, she thinks that’s a bad picture of her. Love having Daniel nearby! I think that your shirt/quilt idea is great and will be sure to tell Erika!
      Going to the airport to welcome back the troops is a great idea! With all of the security these days at JFK it makes it harder to just go to the airport. But I did take a trip there last night.
      I am trying to get back to normal but I’m having a hard time. I won’t be posting any depressing stuff anymore. Know that I have my friends and all of you does make it better. It really, really does! 🙂

  5. You sound like you deeply miss someone! I understand. Love the photos of Daniel’s party. Love the card. You gave the ship perspective as if it were actually sailing. Beware of snow. We are supposed to get 2 inches overnight. And so it begins again…I for one do not like the cold and snow! What does the Peanuts character say? Erggg (or something like that.) Yes, go for something funny. A good laugh or cry does a body good. I like your quote of the day. Have a fun Sunday! Nancy B

    1. Yes Nancy, I do. I have successfully avoided getting too close to someone for a long time. I’ll make sure that I don’t do it again. Daniel’s party was great and I’m happy to share the pics! I was trying to place the entire ship in the ocean but it was a little bigger but I’m glad that it had the desired effect. I hate the Winter but before you know it will be spring! I laugh most of the time but lately it’s just been tears. Hopefully it will pass soon. Thanks for the chat! Hope you had a good Sunday! 🙂

  6. I really love your quote today! I am going to pass it on to my daughter as her husband has been deployed and they are hoping to be back together before Christmas. He has missed a lot of time with his 2 year old daughter and his wife and they with him so I am sure they will be a lot of hugging, tears, kissing and just plain holding when they meet him at the airport. Thanks for sharing all your work and your life with us. I love it!

    1. Thank you Sharon! I am really into quotes! I hope that you daughter’s husband get back, it’s terrible to miss someone that you love. That would be a great airport reunion to witness! I am happy to share with all of you and appreciate you coming along with me! 🙂

  7. How ’bout that Mr. Daniel with his little punked up hair? What a sugar baby! At the airport once I met a guy who worked with the real-life Patch Adams talking to everyone and cheering people up! I believe we have to bear each other’s burdens and be the light when others are lost in the dark. And in turn it helps us heal our own blues. Be happy, friend.

    1. LOL! Yes Georgie! That was a lot of gel in Daniel’s hair! I have all of you to cheer me up and it will get better in time, just need to deal with it now and not ignore it. I’m getting happier! 🙂

  8. Hi Justin, your card is fantastic. Do you send many of your cards to family and friends? I hope you do and this one should definitely be sent to someone. (Hope that doesn’t should too bossy). Daniel’s birthday looks like it was a really fun time. He is such a sweet looking little boy right down to his adorable chubby cheeks. I hope that your melancholy is short lived and you brighten up soon. Have a restful Sunday.

    1. Thank you very much Roseanne! I always send out card to family and friends but I need to do it more often! It’s not like I don’t have enough! I will send the card out to the person that it was meant for. Daniel’s party was great! Everyone had fun! He is just a happy little boy and a joy to be around! I’m getting better but I think it’s time to put it away for a while. I hope that you had a nice Sunday! 🙂

  9. Awsome birthday pics, thanks for sharing. I love this quote, perfect. LOL I love going to the airport also, I really like the International terminal, you see people that haven’t been reunited in months or years. i get all teary eyes. Great card as usual

    1. Thanks Linda! The party was great! The quote gives us a little hope that one day when we do get to see the person that we are missing it will be worth all of the waiting. Glad you like the card too! 🙂

  10. Personally, I think this card would be the ultimate Valentine for my honey!! Love it. And I’m with you with the People Watching. Doesn’t have to be just the airport! Some days in Wally World…you just can’t make it up! 🙂 Part of your down is the earlier darkness (inspite of all the lights in the big city) don’t ya think? Catch some shut-eye! You’re depleted, me thinks.

    1. Yes Colleen! It would make a good masculine Valentine! LOL! I am a people watched everywhere I go, sometime you see the most unusual stuff! The Winter definitely is not helping with my mood! I hate the shorter days. I did get some more sleep than usual last night. I’ll get better! 🙂

  11. I love your card, the quote and the pics. I sense you are a bit depressed, hope it doesn’t last too long, seek help if it does.(sorry, that’s the nurse in me) You have lots of caring friends so I am betting they will becoming around to cheer you up.

    1. Thank you Lynne! I am a bit down but I know why and what has to be done. Sometime you need to feel the sadness to get to the joy. I appreciate your concern. My friends have been awesome, I don’t know what I would do without them! 🙂

  12. Oh my oh my……we must get you out of this ‘funk’! We know you have an excellent support system of friends that are by your side. I believe it does a person good to people watch or whatever else helps out. You will get ‘d’funked’ Is that even a word? If not, I just made it up. LOL You totally ROCKED this card. Just recently bought that stamp set. Have you ever used actual road maps or an atlas? I have and they add such an interesting touch with the colors. I think it would to awesome under vellum. Thanks for sharing such nice pictures today. Be well Justin.

    1. Yes Lisa, I will get out of in time not to worry. I do have a great group of people, including you! I did go to the airport but it didn’t have the desired effect, quite the opposite. I like you word and I will get d’funked! I have been looking for actual road maps to use but they are hard to find! Well, I have a particular look for the map so that probably why I can’t find one! I wish you a happy Monday! 🙂

  13. Little Daniel is a cute 1 year old and seems to love to mimic his Uncle Justin! The party decorations are great; Go Yankees! Love the stitched frame on the card and the vellum layer! I have stamped on vellum but am yet to emboss on it. Your inspiration will have me trying it before Christmas. Hope you have a good Sunday and get to spend some time finding what brings you joy!

    1. Thank you Beth! LOL! Yes, he is stealing my hairstyle! Everyone liked the baseball theme for the party. I am bummed that I forgot to take pictures of the banners. I love those Stitched Rectangles! Embossing on Vellum I find is easier than stamping on it. I hope that you had a nice Sunday! 🙂

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